Solar Lentigo

Liver Spot, Solar Lentigenes

Solar Lentigenes:

  • Are areas of sun damaged skin that usually develop on the face and hands
  • Are not cancerous and never develop into a skin cancer
    • If you have a spot that is new, be sure to show it to your doctor
  • Are usually tan or brown in colour and may be flat or raised
  • Are not due to diet
  • Are not due to a liver problem
  • Are not contagious
  • May get gradually larger with time and do not disappear spontaneously
  • Are due to sun exposure that occurred 10 to 70 years before the spot appeared
  • Are not due to aging – are entirely due to sun exposure

Liquid Nitrogen:

  • The treatment that I prefer for a few lentignes (3 or less) is liquid nitrogen
    • Liquid nitrogen is a cold-freezing spray that is applied from a thermos-like spray bottle
    • Each spot is treated for a few seconds
    • The treatments ‘sting’ for less than a minute
    • The area treated may remain sore for one to two days
    • The treatment may produce blisters
      • This is normal
      • If the blisters are painful, pop them with a sterile needle to let the fluid out
    • You may apply an antibiotic ointment to the treated area for two weeks after the procedure
    • You may bathe normally
    • A bandage is not necessary

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL, Photofacials, Fotofacials):

  • A new treatment called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) – also known as Fotofacials is now available for the treatment  lentigenes
  • IPL may be used to treat one or many lentigenes at a time and is especially useful if the lentigenes are small or numerous (more than three)
  • IPL treats and removes:
    • Freckles due to sun damage
    • Broken facial blood vessels (telangiectasia)
    • Background red skin tones
    • Enlarged pores
    • Sun damage
    • Depleted collagen in the skin
  • All of these lead to smoother, younger looking skin and reduced redness at the same time
  • Creams are generally not effective at removing solar lentigenes
  • Treatment of solar lentigenes is not covered by OHIP or private health insurance
  • For liquid nitrogen treatments, a referral from a doctor is necessary to make your first appointment
  • If you are interested in a free consultation with one of our aestheticians to discuss IPL, a referral is NOT necessary

Solar Lentigenes (Liver Spots) – Hand

Solar Lentigenes – Face

Solar Lentigenes – Chest

Microdermabrasion combined with IPL can be used to treat unwanted Solar Lentigenes

Solar Lentigenes – Cheeks

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