Dr. Peter Vignjevic

Hamilton Dermatology Services

Hamilton dermatologist, Dr. Vignjevic was raised in the east end of Hamilton where he attended Glendale High School. From 1987 to 1989 he completed his undergraduate studies in Biology at McMaster University. As both a high school and university student, he conducted medical research at the Intestinal Diseases Research Unit (IDRU – McMaster University) with scholarship funding from the Canadian Foundation for Ileitis and Colitis. In 1989, he started medical school at the University of Toronto. While in medical school, he worked in the physiotherapy department at the Henderson General Hospital in Hamilton and conducted research in Skin Cancer (Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma) at the Hamilton Regional Cancer Clinic (Juravinski Cancer Centre).

Dr. Vignjevic and his family currently reside in the Hamilton area. He is an avid traveler and has travelled all over the world. He enjoys photography – especially of plants and landscapes. The screensavers on the computers in his office are composed from his photographs. He enjoys studying botany and visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens. He is a keen walker and an internet enthusiast, updating his website regularly.

He has supported the Canadian Cancer Society with the proceeds from his lectures at the McMaster Mini-Medical School course.  Also, his office has an annual “Dress Down Day for Breast Cancer” to raise funds for breast cancer research. He has also donated his time as a speaker at fundraising events for skin cancer and treatment of burn victims.

  • Cody Gold Medal – 1993 – Ranked first of 256 students – University of Toronto Medical School
  • Dr. Herbert Alexander Bruce Medal – 1993 – highest aggregate standing in anatomy, physiology, pathology and surgery
  • Dr. C. S. Wainwright Memorial Scholarship – University of Toronto – 1992
  • Dr. Kenneth Piafsky Memorial Medal and Prize – 1992 – highest standing in Year 2 and 3 Pharmacology
  • Saddington Medal in Pathology – 1991 – highest standing in pathology
  • Medical Alumni Association Scholarship – University of Toronto – 1991
  • MDS Prize in Laboratory Medicine – 1991 – highest cumulative standing in pathology, microbiology and clinical biochemistry
  • CC Medical Society (Ontario) Scholarship – 1990 – highest standing in anatomy
  • James W. Pearce Memorial Award in Physiology – 1990 – highest standing in physiology
  • Saul Rauxlen Scholarship – highest pre-admission average to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto – 1989
  • University Scholarship – McMaster University – 1989
  • Shenstone Prize – McMaster University – 1988 – highest average in physics, chemistry and biology
  • Canadian Foundation for Ileitis and Colitis Summer Student Scholarship – 1987 – first Canadian high school student to be awarded this prize
  • George and Nora Elwin Scholar – McMaster University – 5 scholarships awarded in Canada – 1987

He continued his training in Dermatology at the University of Toronto. He carried out his residency training at:

  • Women’s College Hospital
  • Wellesley Hospital
  • Hospital for Sick Children
  • McMaster University Medical Centre
  • Toronto General Hospital
  • St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Sunnybrook Hospital and Bayview Cancer Centre
  • Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada, Parts I and II – 1994
  • FLEX Examination 1994
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Dermatology) 1997
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology 1997 – Successful Recertification 2005

Dr. Vignjevic continues to keep up to date by attending meetings and conferences both locally and internationally.

Dr. Vignjevic has been in practice in the Hamilton area since July 1997. He is currently on staff at the Hamilton General Hospital where he sees inpatients. He also participates in the Hamilton city-wide dermatology rounds, and the dermatology journal and literature review club in Hamilton.Dr. Vignjevic is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at McMaster University Medical School (DeGroote School of Medicine) and is involved in teaching medical students, residents and family physicians, both at the university and in his office. Recently, he has begun teaching dermatology residents at the University of Toronto. Furthermore he participates in the McMaster Mini-Medical school program open to the public each spring. He participates as a mentor in the OMA mentorship program for medical students.He is an active member of the CDA (Canadian Dermatology Association), Toronto Dermatological Society and is now the Chair for the Section of Dermatology for the Hamilton Academy of Medicine.Dr. Vignjevic is the official dermatologist for the Hamilton Bulldogs.

Dr. Vignjevic is also a dermatology consultant for the media.

He has been interviewed on:

  • CH News (Hamilton)
  • CTS Television
  • 900 CHML (Hamilton)
  • 1290 CJBK (London)
  • 650 CKOM (Saskatoon)
  • CTV News

In addition, he is used as a resource and has been quoted in:

  • Flare
  • Canadian Living Magazine
  • Fashion
  • Fashion 18
  • CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons Magazine)
  • Elle Canada
  • Glow Health
  • Hamilton Magazine
  • Glow Magazine
  • The Hamilton Spectator