Eye Lash Enhancing Treatments

Grow Longer Fuller Lashes

Who can benefit?

  • Men and women of any skin type or colour who want to enhance their eyelashes.

How is it used?

  • Eyelash Enhancement Therapy is applied to the edge of the upper eyelid, at the base of the eyelashes, once daily.
  • It is not applied to the lower eyelashes because this may stimulate increased growth of hair on the cheeks.
  • Eyelash Enhancement Therapy must not be applied into the eye itself as this may lower the pressure in the eye and produce serious consequences.

Why Eyelash Enhancement Therapy?

  • Eyelash Enhancement Therapy is not mascara or false eyelashes.
  • It makes your own eyelashes grow thicker and longer

The exact mechanism of action is unknown, but Eyelash Enhancement Therapy increases the length of the growth cycle of the eyelashes making them grow longer, thicker and darker.

  • Use of Eyelash Enhancement Therapy results in eyelashes that are:
    • Longer
    • Fuller
    • Thicker
    • Darker
  • These are your own eyelashes that are growing.
  • Eyelash Enhancement Therapy is used once daily.
  • At 4 weeks you may notice some thickening of the eyelashes, but generally a minimum of 8 weeks of treatment is required to start to see lengthening and thickening of the lashes.
  • The maximum effect is reached after 4 months of use.
  • Your eyelashes will return to the same length and thickness that they were prior to starting Eyelash Enhancement Therapy treatments.
  • To maintain the benefits of Eyelash Enhancement Therapy you must continue to use the product.
  • The improvement from Eyelash Enhancement Therapy is not permanent.

What are the side effects?

  • Sometimes Eyelash Enhancement Therapy may produce irritation to the eyes or eyelids, which would appear as redness, itching, or a burning-stinging sensation.
  • This usually resolves even if you continue using Eyelash Enhancement Therapy.
  • In rare circumstances, Eyelash Enhancement Therapy may produce permanent darkening of the iris (coloured part of the eye), or edges of the eyelids.
  • Eyelash Enhancement Therapy should not be applied to the lower eyelid as this increases the risk of increased hair growth on the face.
  • In rare cases, when Eyelash Enhancement Therapy is applied to the eyelids, it may lower pressure in the eyes
  • During the free consultation the medical aesthetician will go through the benefits of Eyelash Enhancement Therapy, potential side effects and correct method of use of Eyelash Enhancement Therapy.
  • After your FREE consultation, the technician will call in Dr. Vignjevic. He will assess your skin type, eye lashes and whether Eyelash Enhancement Therapy therapy would be suitable for you.
  • In addition, he will answer any further questions that you may have. You cannot be treated by the technician or purchase Eyelash Enhancement Therapy unless you are assessed by Dr. Vignjevic first.
  • If you decide to be treated, photographs of the treatment area will be taken.
    • These photographs are strictly for your chart and will not be released or used without your permission.
    • Your privacy if of the utmost importance to us.
  • The technician will teach you the correct method of application of the product by applying it to one of your eyelids, and you will then be asked to apply the product to your other eyelid under her guidance and supervision.
  • You will be asked to follow-up with the technician 8 weeks and 16 weeks after you purchase the product to monitor your progress and improvement, as well as to answer any questions that may arise.
  • You must not use Eyelash Enhancement Therapy if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • You must not use Eyelash Enhancement Therapy if you have increased pressure in your eyes (glaucoma) or other serious eye diseases.
  • If you have a serious eye disease or glaucoma you must talk to your eye specialist first to see if it would be safe for you to use Eyelash Enhancement Therapy.
  • It is safe to use Eyelash Enhancement Therapy if you use glasses for distance, reading or astigmatism.

No, a referral is not necessary. You can phone the office directly to set up a free consultation with one of our staff members.

When can I start having treatments?

  • Today!

What if you are interested to learn more?

  • If you would like to learn more:
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  • Or give us a call our aesthetic centre directly at (905) 549-7873 to book a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable technicians