Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (Razor Rash, Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hairs)

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Pseudofolliculitis Barbae:

  • Is seen more commonly in men with curly, thick hair – especially Southern Europeans and Africans
  • Is aggravated by shaving, especially shaving close to the skin
    • The hair may find it difficult to find the opening of the follicle to the skin’s surface, when it starts to re-grow
    • The growing hair may then curl under the upper surface of the skin and become ingrown
    • As the hair grows deeper into the skin it produces irritation and inflammation
    • Sometimes infection and scarring may develop
    • Rarely keloids (thick scars) may occur
  • May also occur when hairs are removed from the follicle by:
    • Waxing
    • Tweezing
    • Plucking
    • Sugaring
    • Threading
  • Occurs most commonly on the neck but may occur in other areas where the hair is removed such as:
    • Back of the Neck
    • Bikini Area
    • Underarms
  • Stop shaving or waxing
    • Although often impractical, if one can stop shaving, the problem will often improve significantly
  • Topical antibiotic solutions, creams, and alpha hydroxy acid creams can be helpful
  • Shaving in the direction that the hair is growing on the face will help
    • This results in a less close shave
  • The only long-term solution for this condition is is Diode Laser Hair Removal

Which aesthetic products and procedures can be used to treat and improve pseudofolliculitis barbae and ingrown hairs?

  • Laser Hair Removal
    • Is effective for both ingrown hairs and normal hairs
    • All skin colours can be treated
    • Almost any area can be treated including
      • Face
      • Underarms
      • Bikini
      • Arms and Legs
      • Chest and Back
    • To learn more about Laser Hair Removal, please click here

Do I need to get a doctor’s referral to set up an appointment?

  • A referral from your doctor is required to see Dr. Vignjevic for prescription medication to treat pseudofolliculitis barbae
  • If you wish you speak to one of our aestheticians regarding the procedures above, including laser hair removal, a referral is not necessary
  • You can phone the aesthetic centre directly at (905) 549-7873 to book a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable technicians

When can I start having treatments?

  • Today!
  • For your convenience, the services above are available in my office

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