Ingrown Hair

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Ingrown Hairs:

  • Usually appear as a 1 mm to 2 mm red-purple bump or lump, surrounding hair follicles
    • Sometimes a hair can be seen growing below the surface of the skin
  • May be caused by close shaving, plucking or waxing hair
  • Are more common in areas with curly hair
  • Are sometimes tender and may form pustules or “whiteheads” when they become infected
  • May be aggravated by tight clothing, sweating or heat
  • When shaving:
    • Shave in the direction that the hair is growing
    • Leave some stubble – this will prevent the hairs from becoming in-grown
  • Avoid tight clothing, excessive heat or sweating if possible
  • Use mineral make-up that will not block your pores
  • Avoid applying heavy oils and other greasy or oily products to the skin or scalp
  • Use an antiseptic cleanser to wash your skin or hair every day
  • Antibiotic lotions or solutions may be applied to the affected area twice daily
  • In more severe cases antibiotic pills may be required
  • In stubborn cases, microdermabrasionchemical peels, and laser hair removal can be very helpful

Which aesthetic products and procedures can be used to treat and improve folliculitis?

Do I need to get a doctor’s referral to set up an appointment?

  • A referral from your doctor is required to see Dr. Vignjevic for medical treatment of folliculitis
  • If you wish you speak to one of our aestheticians regarding the products and procedures above, a referral is not necessary
  • You can phone the aesthetic centre directly at (905) 549-7873 to book a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable technicians

When can I start having treatments?

  • Today!
  • For your convenience, the services above are available in my office

Would you like to see a Video Demonstration?

  • I am pleased to offer a new section on the website with video demonstrations of various procedures
  • To watch a video-clip in which Dr. V talks about: