Pyogenic Granuloma

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Pyogenic Granulomas:

  • The word ‘Pyogenic’ means ‘infection’ but this is not accurate because there is no infection in a pyogenic granuloma
  • ‘Granuloma’ means a type of inflammation, but this type of inflammation is not present in a pyogenic granuloma either
    • The name is totally inaccurate and a little bit confusing!
  • May start as an insect bite, or a minor skin injury
  • Are more common in children and pregnant women
  • Are most common on the tips of fingers, lips and face
  • Are not cancerous
  • Are not contagious
  • Bleed very easily if they are nicked or scratched
  • The bleeding from a pyogenic granuloma is not dangerous, but can be a significant nuisance
  • Sometimes pyogenic granulomas will spontaneously disappear
    • It may take weeks or months for this to happen
  • Surgical Removal:
    • Local anaesthetic is injected with a tiny needle next to the pyogenic granuloma
    • The spot is then removed and then electrocautery is used to control any bleeding and to destroy the “roots” of the growth
    • A small amount of antibiotic cream should be applied to the treated area daily until it is healed, for about 2 weeks
    • Change the bandage daily until the site is healed
    • It is safe to bathe, shower or swim after the treatment
    • After the procedure, there will be a crust or scab
    • This will heal and leave a pink mark that will gradually fade
    • After the removal, there may be a residual white mark
    • There is a small chance that the pyogenic granuloma could grow back
    • There is no cream at this time that will remove pyogenic granulomas, and there is no way to prevent them from developing
    • Removal of benign (non-cancerous) lesions such as pyogenic granulomas is not covered by OHIP or private health insurance
    • A referral from a doctor is necessary to make your first appointment

Pyogenic Granuloma – Finger

Pyogenic Granuloma – Common during Pregnancy

Pyogenic Granuloma – Common in Childhood

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