Psoriasis of the Nails

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Nail Psoriasis:

  • May or may not be associated with psoriasis on the body
  • Affects fingernails much more commonly than toe nails
  • May show small holes or ‘pits’ in the nail
  • May cause the nails to ‘lift up’ (onycholysis)
  • May cause yellow or brown discoloration of the nail (oil drop sign)
  • May be associated with arthritis in the fingers or toes
  • Is not due to a fungus or infection
  • Is not due to diet
  • Is not due to nail polish
  • Is not contagious
  • Is not dangerous
  • Extremely rarely causes complete loss of the nail
  • Can be safely covered with nail polish or artificial nails
  • Treatment is extremely difficult and often does not work

Topical Creams:

  • Cortisone creams are commonly used
    • Use them once or twice daily as directed
  • Once an area improves, stop using the medicated creams
    • Long-term cortisone use may thin the skin
  • Creams are usually ineffective for nail psoriasis

Nail Rejuvenation (Laquer Therapy):

Intralesional Steroid (Cortisone Injections):

  • Injections of cortisone into the fingertip and around the nail may lead to improvement
  • The treatments are very painful, and the results are often disappointing
  • The injections are repeated at monthly intervals
  • The main side effects from the injections include, but are not limited to: thinning of the skin
    • This may appear as stretch marks, dimpling of the skin or bruising
    • Skin thinning will usually resolve spontaneously once treatment is stopped

Phototherapy (Light Therapy):

  • Does not work for nail psoriasis

Oral Therapy (Pills) and Biologics:

  • For more severe psoriasis oral medications may be used
  • Talk to your doctor about your treatment options

Nail Psoriasis – Pitting

Psoriasis – Nails

Psoriasis – Pitting

Psoriasis – Onycholysis and Oil Drop Sign

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