Pityriasis Alba

Pityriasis Alba:

  • Does not scar
  • Is not a fungus
  • Is not contagious
  • Is not vitiligo
  • Is usually worse in summer, better in winter
  • Is made worse by by the sun
  • Is more common in children with Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian or African skin types

General Measures:

  • Place a humidifier in the bedroom, especially in the winter
  • Elimination of certain foods from the diet will generally not help pityriasis alba
  • You must use a good sunscreen every day, even if it is cloudy
    • Even a small amount of sun exposure can aggravate the condition
  • Cortisone (steroid) creams are the most common treatment
  • The creams or ointments should be used twice a day
  • The best time to apply them is after a bath or shower when the skin is still damp
  • Only use the creams on the areas that they are prescribed for
  • Only use them on the lighter coloured spots
  • Prolonged or inappropriate use of cortisone cream can thin the skin producing permanent stretch marks or bruising
  • Do not use creams prescribed for the body on the face, neck or genitals as they are usually too strong to be used on those areas and may produce serious side effects

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