Molluscum Contagiosum

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Molluscum Contagiosum:

    • Are cause by the Molluscum Pox virus and are mildly contagious
    • May affect the face, limbs, trunk and genitals
    • Virtually never affect the palms, soles, cervix or inside the vagina
    • May be present for months, weeks or years before they are noticed
    • Are not painful and usually produce no symptoms
    • Do not cause precancerous or cancerous changes in the skin or cervix
    • Are spread by touching the spots
    • Are common in children and are transmitted by touching in a non-sexual fashion
    • In adults with lesions on the inner thighs, lower abdomen, genitals and buttocks, the spots are usually transmitted by sexual contact
    • Will resolve spontaneously, but this may take months or years
    • When molluscum start to resolve spontaneously, the spots become red, swollen and may form a central “white head” like a “pimple” or look infected
      • They are not truly infected
      • This is just the body’s immune system destroying the spot
    • Are not herpes (genital herpes, herpes simplex)
    • Are not warts (condyloma accuminata)
  • Molluscum Contagiousm can usually be eliminated in 4 to 6 treatments, spaced 2 weeks apart
  • In cases with genital lesions, intercourse must be avoided until the spots have disappeared, otherwise they may be spread to the sexual partner
  • There is a 30% chance that molluscum may recur weeks or months after treatment is completed
    • This may result from re-infection from another person with lesions, or reactivation of dormant virus in the skin
  • There are no pills, “antibiotics”, or injections that are effective to treat this infection

Liquid Nitrogen:

  • Is a freezing spray used to destroy the lesions
  • The treatments are painful and the area treated may remain painful for 1 to 2 days
  • The treatment may produce scabs, crusts or blisters
    • This is normal
    • If the blisters are painful, pop them with a sterile needle to let the fluid out
  • The treated area requires no special treatment
  • You may bathe normally
  • A bandage is not necessary
  • These treatments are done every two weeks


  • Is a liquid that produces blisters when applied to the skin
  • The application of the medication is painless
    • Blisters may form within 24 hours and may be painful
    • This is normal
    • If the blisters are painful, pop them with a sterile needle to let the fluid out
  • Treatments are done every 2 weeks
  • Cantharone will produce blisters if it is applied to normal skin, the eyes or mouth
    • It is very important that the treated area not be touched until it is dry

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