Milia – White Heads

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Milia (White Heads)

  • Are blocked pores that are commonly known as white heads
  • May be due to makeup or moisturizers
  • Heavy moisturizers commonly produce milia
  • Appear as tiny, hard white balls deep in the skin
  • May get gradually larger with time and sometimes disappear spontaneously
  • Are not due to diet
  • Are not deposits of calcium in the skin
  • Are not deposits of cholesterol in the skin



  • Wash your face twice daily with a mild cleanser

Medical Treatment:

  • Tretinoin prescription creams are helpful
    • A tiny dab the size of a pea is enough to cover the entire face
    • If your face becomes too dry or flaky use the cream every other night or every third night
  • Microdermabrasion:
    • Another effective treatment for milia, especially if a person has very sensitive skin
    • For more information about Microdermabrasion, please click here
  • Lactic with Retinoic Peels:
  • Extractions:
    • For deep stubborn milia, black heads, blocked pores and white heads
    • Performed by the medical aesthetic technicians in my office
    • Can be combined with the other treatments above
    • To learn more about extractions, please click here
  • For your convenience, the services above are available in my office

 Milium – Eyelid

Microdermabrasion to remove milia

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