Grover’s Disease (Transient Acantholytic Dermatosis)

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Grover’s Disease:

  • Usually lasts 10-12 months, but in some cases, may last much longer
  • Frequently, it follows sweating or some unexpected heat stress
  • The cause is not known
  • Frequently occurs when the skin is very dry and sun-damaged
  • Is not contagious
  • Is not an infection
  • Is not related to diet
  • Is mainly seen in fair-skinned males over the age of forty
  • Dry skin is very common with Grover’s Disease
    • I recommend a gentle perfume-free cleanser and a good quality moisturizer to soothe the skin
  • The most important thing about Grover’s disease treatment is to remain cool, as further sweating will induce more itchy spots
    • Avoiding sweat is not a reason to avoid exercise
  • Minor outbreaks can be controlled with prescription strength topical cortisone creams
  • The cortisone creams should be used only as directed
    • When the rash clears the creams should be stopped
    • If the rash recurs, the creams can be used again
  • If the rash is not responding to treatment after one month, you should contact your doctor
  • Antibiotics, Light therapy and other medications can be helpful in this disease
  • Please speak to your doctor to discuss your options for treatment

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