Fordyce’s Spots (Sebaceous Glands)

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Fordyce’s Spots (Sebaceous Glands):

  • Appear as small white or yellow dome-shaped bumps on the shaft of the penis and scrotum which are evenly spaced out from one another
  • Sometimes a tiny hair is visible in the centre
  • Consist of an enlarged oil gland attached to a hair follicle
  • They are visible in areas when the skin is very thin and translucent such as:
    • The genitals
    • Inside of the mouth (cheeks)
    • The edges of the lips
    • The corners of the mouth
  • Are not cancerous
  • Are not contagious
  • Are not warts
  • Are not herpes
  • Are not due to diet
  • Are not collections of calcium
  • Are normally found in most men
  • None is required
  • It is usually recommended to leave these lesions alone
  • They may be removed, if so desired, for cosmetic reasons, although the scarring may be cosmetically inferior to the original appearance of the lesions

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