Black Heads, Milia, Blocked Pores, Comedones


Are used to treat

  • Blocked pores
  • Black heads
  • Comedones
  • Milia
  • White heads
  • At your first visit, a medical aesthetic technician will provide a free consultation
  • During the consultation, she will explain the procedure and benefits to you and answer any questions that you may have
  • Furthermore she will explain how the treatment works, the number of treatments that you will require and will provide you with a price quote
  • The technician will also ask you a series of questions to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and to determine your skin type
  • After your FREE consultation, the technician will call in Dr. Vignjevic
    • He will assess your skin type and whether extractions would be suitable for you
    • In addition, he will answer any further questions that you may have
    • You cannot be treated by the technician unless you are assessed by Dr. Vignjevic first
  • If you decide to be treated, photographs of the treatment area will be taken
    • These photographs are strictly for your chart and will not be released or used without your permission
    • Your privacy if of the utmost importance to us
  • You will be asked to wash your face and to remove any makeup
    • It is not necessary to remove mascara, or eye makeup
  • You will lie down on a treatment bed
  • The skin is cleansed using a gentle cleanser to remove makeup, oil, or any residues
  • The technician will then use a toner to restore the skin’s balance before applying any additional products
  • The benefits of extractions can be boosted when combined with a facial,  a microdermabrasion treatment or a chemical peel
  • You will be provided with a booklet of after-care instructions and the technician will recommend specific products to take care of your skin after the treatment
  • You will also be provided with Dr. Vignjevic’s personal cell phone number should any questions or concerns arise after hours
  • You will be given specific instructions on the day of your treatment

Other Important Points:

  • You may apply makeup 3 to 4 hours after the Treatment
  • Avoid abrasive sponges for 1 week
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • DO NOT pick, scrape, scratch or wax your skin
  • If your skin is dry, use moisturizer as many times a day as you like
  • If you develop a cold sore, let Dr. Vignjevic know this immediately as it could spread into the area of the treatment
  • This is not an OHIP insured service
  • Rarely, private health insurance will cover the cost of this procedure, be sure to ask your insurance company
  • You may set up a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our staff members to answer your questions in detail
  • Any questions that they are unable to answer, Dr. Vignjevic will gladly answer for you

No, a referral is not necessary

What if you are interested to learn more?

  • If you would like to learn more:
    • E-Mail Us
    • Or give us a call at 905-549-1025