Dry Skin (Xerosis)

Serving Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Grimsby and surrounding areas

General Recommendations:

  • Put a humidifier in the bedroom, especially in the winter
  • Use lukewarm water to bathe or shower, hot water will dry out your skin
  • Rinse your laundry twice to remove detergent residue
  • Wear cotton clothes
  • Avoid wool as it irritates sensitive skin
  • Avoid harsh ‘anti-bacterial’ soap

You are welcome to book a free consultation with one of my technicians to discuss skin care such as:

  • Cleansers
  • Moisturizers
  • Make-Up
    • I am pleased to offer high quality make-up, designed for sensitive skin types, which includes:
      • Sheer to Flawless coverage foundation (cream, liquid and powder)
      • Eye shadows
      • Eye liners
      • Lip sticks
      • Lip glosses
      • Blushes
      • Bronzers
      • Professional make-up tools (natural bristle brushes, lash curlers)
      • It is a pharmaceutical grade make-up line, purely derived from mineral ingredients, and free of any talc or other irritating filler ingredients
      • It is a make-up that is healthy for the skin, containing nourishing vitamin enriched ingredients
  • Colour Match Consultations
  • Sunscreen and more

Dry Skin (Xerosis) – Shin

What if you are interested to learn more?

If you would like to learn more please phone the aesthetic centre directly at (905) 549-7873 to book a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable technicians or

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