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  • Is not cancerous
  • Is not precancerous
  • May get slowly larger with time
  • A person may have just one, or several
  • May start from an insect bite, splinter or a scratch
  • Is harmless, even if nicked while shaving
  • Is rare on the face
  • Is made up of ‘scar-like’ tissue
  • Is usually pink, brown, beige, or pink with brown edges
  • Is firm to the touch
  • May produce a ‘dimple’ when squeezed from the sides
  • Is not something ‘trapped’ in the skin
  • Cannot be ‘popped’ out or ‘drained’
  • Is not a ‘blocked pore’ or cyst
  • Liquid Nitrogen – a cold freezing spray may help to flatten a dermatofibroma, but will not remove it
  • Excision – cutting a dermatofibroma out and closing the area with stitches is the only way to definitely remove it. Unfortunately, the scar that results is usually cosmetically unacceptable and I usually recommend leaving these lesions alone
  • Removal of dermatofibromas is not an OHIP insured service
  • A referral from a doctor is necessary to make your first appointment

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