Acanthosis Nigricans

Acanthosis Nigricans:

  • Appears as brown, velvety skin changes
  • Is sometimes mistaken for dirt
  • Is not due to lack of washing
  • Cannot be removed by scrubbing the skin
  • Usually affects the back of the neck, underarms, groins
  • May sometimes involve the tops of the fingers, hands, feet and toes
  • In more severe cases may be associated with the development of skin tags
  • May be related to:
    • Weight Gain and Obesity
    • Hormonal Irregularities (e.g. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Irregular Periods)
    • Diabetes
  • There is no specific treatment for this disorder
  • Weight loss may lead to reversal of some of the skin changes
  • A variety of creams may be of some benefit including:
    • Mild Cortisone (Steroid) creams
    • Vitamin A Acid cream
    • The addition of salicylic acid to the creams above may be helpful
  • Treatment is often unsatisfactory for both the patient and physician
  • Treatment of the underlying diabetes or hormonal abnormality, if present, often does not change the appearance of the skin
  • Your doctor may order blood tests, for hormones etc. if he/she feels that it is appropriate

Surgical Treatment:

  • Is not effective to remove large areas affected by acanthosis nigricans
  • Can be used to remove skin tags associated with acanthosis nigricans on the:
    • Eyelids
    • Neck
    • Underarms
    • Groins
    • Under the breasts
  • To learn more about skin tag removal, please click here

Acanthosis Nigricans – Neck

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